Gate Information

The single entrance and exit of The Reserve is protected by four 1800lb. hydraulic gates. The entrance gates can be opened in one of three ways:

Remote control- Each household is provided up to 2 remotes ('clickers') to open the entry gates. Additional remotes may be purchased through the HOA. Batteries should be changed once a year.

Private code- Each household is allowed one 4 to 8 digit personal entry code for residents or family without remotes who may need to enter while the homeowner is away. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR CODE OUT UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Touch-tone phone- Visitors can call your home from the electronic directory or 'call box' provided at the front. Entry is allowed by pressing "9" on the your phone. Visitors can either look up your name or dial your 3-digit dial code directly (see gate call box for this number). Note: Visitors can not call you from their cell phones for entry - they must use the call box.

The gates always remain closed with the exception of the school bus schedules which vary between the school year and summer. Check the latest newsletter for changes to the open schedule.


NEW RESIDENTS: Click Here for Gate Access Forms.


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