Welcome to The Reserve at Cypress Creek!

The Reserve at Cypress Creek is a small gated community located in Cypress, Texas - 25 miles northwest of downtown Houston. It features 132 single-family brick homes with an average size of 2800 sq. ft. and built on 60'-70' wide lots.

The Reserve is nestled in the tall oaks and pines that Cypress is known for and backs up to The Little Cypress Creek Nature Preserve.

Important Update!

Special Committees forming in order to update the Community Deed Restrictions!

We need you! We are in the process of forming 5 sub-committees in order to review and update our over-20 year old deed restrictions. Do you think it's silly that we don't allow golf carts? Do you believe we should be able to keep yard signage in our yards year-round? Should we include something that addresses solar panels more thoroughly? If you'd like to influence these decisions and help the community with up-to-date deed language that fits us today, please volunteer.

How are the sub-committees formed?
There are five board members, and each board member will have a sub-committee. We're looking to have 4-5 persons on each sub-committee. These committees will be selected at random, and each committee's responsibility will be chosen at random. We've divided the Deed Restrictions into 5 sections. These are listed below.

What does it entail?
We believe each committee will be meeting anywhere between 4 - 6 times through a span of 4 months to review their assigned section. They will have the ability to remove, update, add, any language they see fit and agree on. Each meeting would most likely last about 1.5 hours, but this is up to each specific sub-committee to determine how they want to work and when.

Target date for completion of this activity is the November annual meeting. If we happen to run over, that's okay, we'll re-evaluate once we launch the groups.

How and by when do I sign up?
Please respond to this email with your name and address and you're in! We're taking all volunteers up until next Tuesday (18-July) 5PM.

When do we start?
We'll be selecting committees next week and expect to have our first meetings about the 1st week of August. Of course, this will be up to your sub-committee.

Thanks in advance for considering this volunteering opportunity. It's important and we want the community to be involved.

Group A
Covenant through Article VI, sections A-E, plus the 1st addendum and the parking addendum

Group B
Article VI, sections F-J, plus the addendum on misc. yard and roof

Group C
Article VI, sections K-S, plus the addendum on new fence, buildings and generators

Group D
Articles VII & VIII, plus a fee schedule and enforcement protocol for all violations

Group E
Articles IX - XIV

Thank you,

The RACC Board

One more thing. If you'd like to review the Deed Restrictions, just to get a flavor of what we're going to be working on. They can be found here: Deed Restrictions


September 2023 Project Updates

This is the ninth update of 2023. Here we go. Landscaping – Our vegetation is burning up! With all of the heat, M.U.D. #5 has begun watering restrictions for many communities, including The Reserve at Cypress Creek. We have complied with their request by reducing our watering schedule to two days per week. We are …

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September 2023 Updates

August 2023 Project Updates

This is the eighth update of 2023. Many apologies for this coming out so late. Here we go. Landscaping – With all of the heat, our grass and plants are burning up. We have increased our watering frequency, but even with that change, the oppressive heat is relentless on some of our vegetation. We will …

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June 2023 Project Updates

This is the sixth update of 2023. These are the projects on which we are working. Deed Restrictions – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! At the July 11th public quarterly board meeting we will be scheduling our first Deed Restrictions/Guidelines & Policies revision meeting. We need volunteers to help us look at our existing documentation and update it. …

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June Project Updates 2023

The 2023 Quarterly HOA Meetings Schedule Has Been Posted on the HOA page!

HOA Minutes

The Quarterly HOA Meeting Minutes are now posted on the HOA Board Meetings page at the very bottom and are available for online viewing or PDF download!

Important Front Gate Update

The new gate system is installed and complete. All updates to our new database for resident gate codes and transmitters have been entered. Please see the June Project Updates blog post for more info!

The Community Directory has officially been launched.

The Community Directory can be found under the Residents drop-down menu, 5th item down. To request the password to this protected area, click the following button and fill out/submit the form.

Password Request to Community Directory

TRCC Project Updates

At the beginning of every month, we’ll be coming to you with the Monthly Project Updates. This BLOG is targeted at sharing what we are doing in the community to make it a better place for you and your families! How were these projects determined? We asked and then listened and we’ll continue to do just that. We sent out a survey in January and received a great amount of input from our homeowners. From this, we were able to tell what’s important to you. Below are the survey results that show your rankings of priority.

March 2022 Survey Results

Our objective is to be as transparent as possible with the 2022 initiatives as well as our future. Below are the updated Monthly project updates. You can view a timeline of these updates on our Blog. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the board and we'd be happy to share even more.

Website Feedback

With our New Website Launch, we'd love to keep improving! Please give us your feedback and ideas by sending an email!

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