2024 Association Meeting Dates and Board Position Updates

2024 Calendar

Greetings Everyone!

We're revving up for a great and productive year in 2024. With that we have some news regarding changes to our board positions. Effective this year. Mr. Joe Hartley is stepping down as President and will take over the role of Secretary. Filling this President vacancy will be Mr. Michael Hearn. We'd like to give huge thank you to Joe for his direction, his dedication, and his expert guidance of the board and association! Under his leadership we were able to complete over 44 projects that enhanced our community and improved its infrastructure. We're all grateful for this and if you see Joe, please let him know. Filling in the Vice Presidency roll, please welcome Mr. Phil Alexander!

The following are the new rolls and duties.

Michael Hearn: President. Communications / Website / Social Events
Phillip Alexander: Vice President. Pool and Gates
Rick Fisher: Treasurer. Finance
Joe Hartley: Secretary. Landscaping and Lake
Patricia Thibodeaux: Director. Deed Restrictions and Well

We've established our quarterly and our annual HOA Board meeting dates for 2024. They are as follows (below). As well, should we conduct any regular board meetings outside of the quarterly and annual ones scheduled, we will send out an announcement at a minimum of 10 days prior.

Q1 HOA Board Meeting 09-April (Tuesday) 7:00pm
Q2 HOA Board Meeting 09-July (Tuesday) 7:00pm
Q3 HOA Board Meeting 08-October (Tuesday) 7:00pm
Annual Board Meeting 19-November (Tuesday) 7:00pm

Thank you,

The RACC Board

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