Community Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Holiday Decorating Contest 2023

The votes are in and we're so very happy to finally announce this year's winners of the 2023 Reserve at Cypress Creek Holiday Decorating Contest!!
The Social Committee must say we were taken aback by the amount of Christmas spirit, the amount of time spent, how much everyone is truly celebrating the holidays, and of course, all of the lights we saw come up!! Everyone should be very proud of their neighborhood ??

There were so many winners it was so difficult to vote for just a 1st place in each category. We saw it fitting to mention the 2nd and 3rd place in each category as well! We also have some Honorable Mentions! Congratulations to everyone!

Best Lighting Display 2023
Best Theme 2023
Most Creative 2023

Best Lighting Display
1st Place goes to Sarah and Trey Trainer at 15127 Woodford Hollow Ln!
2nd Place goes to 15331 Stoneridge Park Ln!
3rd Place goes to 15123 Shadygate!

Best Theme
1st Place goes to Kim and Dennis Belote at 15131 Blackburn Cove Ct!
2nd Place goes to 15507 Wendover Ct!
3rd Place goes to 15114 Shady Gate Ct!

Most Creative
1st Place goes to Patricia and Luis Zelaya at 15302 Clearhaven Ct!
2nd Place goes to 15102 Shadygate!
3rd Place goes to 15102 Stoneridge Park Ct!

Honorable Mentions
15107 Stoneridge Park Ct (this one also almost placed in a couple of categories)
15307 Stoneridge Park Ln
15131 Woodford Hollow Ln
15314 Clearhaven Ct
15307 Springhill Bend Ln
15123 Blackburn Cove Ct

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