February Project Updates 2024

February Updates 2024
HOA Board 2024

This is the first formal update of 2024. Here we go!

Deed Restriction (CCR) Revision – In early December we submitted our first draft of the CCR changes to a contracted law firm for them to be reviewed and formalized. The objective here was to ensure these covenants, conditions, and restrictions are comprehensive, preserve your rights as homeowners, and protect and serve our community well. We’ve received the first draft back and we’re currently reviewing to ensure our changes were implemented as intended. Most likely this will be an iterative process with the firm. Once we have a final draft, a synopsis of the major changes along with the final draft will be provided to the neighborhood for review and ratification. We expect to send these documents out in approximately 4-6 weeks.

Landscaping – We wanted to send out a magnanimous THANK YOU to Cheri Kline, Mike Willand, Ruth Jones and Nelson Jones for all of their efforts, creativity, and hard work they’ve put out on cutting back our plants/vegetations, cleaning up the green space leaves/sticks, as well as their future participation in creating an entrance to the community we can all be proud of. Because of the successful volunteer group, we had last year charging forward with the tree trimming efforts, there isn’t a need to focus on this activity in 2023. I’m sure 2024 will give us a different story.

Sprinkler Systems – A team consisting of Mike Willand, Rick Fisher, and Dennis Belote have surveyed and performed maintenance on the neighborhood’s sprinkler system this past month getting it ready for Spring!! A huge thank you to this team for all the hard work over 3-4 days in completing the needed maintenance. Over 20 sprinkler heads were replaced as well as control box repairs. Just an FYI. It’s projects like this that save the community (and us as homeowners), in this case, over $3000.00 in costs. Again, thank you.

Lake – We’ve competed our ESS13 natural liquid polymer campaign in efforts to stymie or eliminate the leakage of water through the lake bed. Since the implementation we’ve continued to monitor lake levels each day. At this point in time we believe we’ve had a 50% success rate in that leakage has slowed to half it’s rate seen in December of last year. This polymer does take time to ‘set’ so we will continue to monitor it’s performance. A big gracious THANK YOU to our board member, Rick Fisher, for checking on the lake levels each and every day as well as the team that helped deploy the barrels of polymer!! Community Fishermen at the lake are continuing to report numerous bass and blue gill being caught. There is also a reported 14-15 pound Catfish in there that could sure use a name. If any of your kids or grandkids would like to come up with a name, please do so!! Just email the board!

Pool house roofing– The pool house has been given a new roof! This has been a project that’s a long-time coming and had been budgeted for 2024. A huge thank you goes out to Phil Alexander and Steven Schaefer for their diligence and hard work in heading up the pool committee and this project. The pool is expected to open early again this year, on April 13th.

Social EventsUpcoming events:

  • March 23rd – 3rd Annual Spring Celebration (more info on email and Facebook)
  • April 13th – Community Garage Sale (same date as The Settlement)
  • Date end of May - Theatre Under the Starts – End of School Year

Christmas Decorations - We are initiating a project to review and replace our community’s Christmas Decorations. This will begin with the Light Pole Ribbons and continue with the Entrance Lighting. We’ll be switching over from halogen light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs. A big thank you to Ruth Jones and Kathy Fisher for heading up this effort.

Architectural (ARC) Committee – We’ve had a couple of people leave our ARC Committee due to moving out of the neighborhood or other priorities. We’re looking for a FEW GOOD WOMEN / MEN to volunteer for this committee. In general, the ARC committee manages the application and approvals process for any homeowner requested modifications, improvements, and changes. As well, they would routinely inspect homes and the community for any breaches or violations dictated by our HOA’s CCRs and Guidelines. It takes about 15-30 min. of your time each week along with any quarterly committee meetings that may arise. Thank you for your consideration!

Quarterly HOA Meeting – At our next scheduled quarterly HOA meeting, 09-April-24, we will be doing something special to meet your needs! We’ll have our pool/gate committee chair, Phil Alexander, servicing your new/repaired gate FOBs, gate control box codes/phone numbers, and pool cards! He’ll have the proper forms, his laptop and equipment at the pool to help anyone that needs re-setting or new equipment.

Spring-Time – It’s that time of the year to dust off our lawn care and gardening equipment! As you well know, through the past 2 years we’ve encountered some brutal freezes, brutal summer heat, and droughts. More significant than most Texas seasons we’ve experienced in the past. We ask that you please take inventory of your lawn and garden and see where you can add some value with beautiful new greenery. It’s important to cut down and remove any of the dead trees, shrubs, plants, and grass, to make way for new ones! Thank you.

To communicate with the Board, do one of the following: 1) Send an Email to the member with the duty responsibility you are inquiring about, and he/she should reply within days. 2) Use the website blog to discuss issues and ask questions. 3) Email directly to the Board member with the duty responsibilities you have questions or comments about.

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