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2022 Board of Directors

Joe Hartley

Joe Hartley

Michael Hearn

Michael Hearn

Vice President

Patricia Thibodeaux

Sherry Heller

Sherry Martin

Ross Walton

Ross Walton


Please welcome Patricia Thibodeaux to the 2022 TRACC board!

Message from Tricia:
I am new to our neighborhood. With the neighbors I’ve met, I feel very much at home and, I look forward to meeting more neighbors in time.

Previously, I lived in a smaller neighborhood off Telge. It was a new neighborhood at the time and, once the neighborhood was completed, the builder gave control of the Homeowners Association to the residents. I wanted to be involved so, I volunteered to be on the ACC. Since our HOA was not established, I created forms and documented procedures in accordance with our deed restrictions. After being on the ACC for a few years, I was elected as President of the HOA and was on the Board until I moved out of the neighborhood.

After many years of working in Corporate America, I had decided to follow my calling and become a nurse. It’s in my nature to help people and now, I feel fortunate to do so as my profession. I like to be involved in keeping our neighborhood a welcoming and great place to live. I feel I have the knowledge and experience necessary to be a contributing member of the board.

Quarterly HOA Meetings Scheduled (7pm- Pool House)

All TRACC residents are invited to attend. The typical start time is 7:00 pm.

Meetings will be held at the TRACC Pool House. Bring your own chair.

Please email agenda items 30 days in advance for consideration.




* Meeting dates may be subject to change.

Annual HOA Meeting Scheduled (7pm- Pool House)


Each year the HOA holds a large-scale meeting for all residents. This meeting will include a review of the annual budget, voting new members to the board, and any issues that affect the community as a whole.

HOA Meetings Minutes

The Reserve at Cypress Creek
Community Association, Inc.

Agenda for Board Meeting
4/12/2022 at 7:00pm

7:00 PM - Call to Order - Board members, Joe, Michael, Ross, Tricia and Sherry present

7:05 PM - Reading/Approval of Minutes Annual Meeting Dec. 2021 - Dennis Benotte made motion to accept. Ruth Jones seconded motion.

7:10 PM - Treasurer's Report - Ross - 110 residents fully paid - approx. 20+ are late and are being assessed late fees.
- Are we staying w PMG? - we are discussing it and what are our options. Failed to notify residents of the upcoming MUD district Bond Vote.
- Resident - prev. owner still hasn't seen transfer of deed - 3 calls no response. Randel Greer - moved in Jan. 2021. 15134 Woodford Hollow. - totally lack of resolution of his issue.

7:15 PM - Committees Reports
o ARC Committee (Tricia) - Ted committee chair discussed role of ARC committee and Deed Restriction committee.
o Deed Restrictions (Tricia) - Luis - we walk the neighborhood and PMG writes the letters and send notice.
o Landscape (Joe)
o Recap of work done - Lights in front of neighborhood - uptick of landscape at front - "franken" tree inside gate is gone and will be a garden. Seven trees removed and 6 trees trimmed. With that, hydroseeding and power washing has been completed as well as sanitizing and washing playground.
o Ruth Jones and Cheri Kline - instrumental in helping revitalize landscape around pool and common areas. Grazie!!! Mike Weiland very helpful in saving the contract issues and coordinating with HouScape.
o Ross to check with Hou Scape about sprinklers being turned on. We need it for new landscape.
o Restock lake - 500 blue gill, 30 bass and minnows.
o Lake - update on previous years work on the lake. Lake is holding water. Project is completed. Too early to tell if we are saving large amounts of water but summer will tell the story.
o Steven asked if there are plans to mulch the playscape around playground equipment. We should confirm that there will be maintenance of some kind.

o Gate/Security (Sherry)
o Review of Final Proposal for Gate and Pool system update. Houston Security Gate won the bid $31,500 and we will be updating residents on timeline of gate work and the details of transmitters and gate code updates that are going to be important for residents

o Pool (Steven Schaefer) - opening April 23rd. Power washing April 21st. Bathroom plumbing all repaired. Residents are encouraged to come out Friday April 22nd to help put summer furniture out by the pool.

o Website (Michael) - thanks to Saint power washing for the $250 gift certificate. Massive improvements to the website. Brian Wiggins has done a fantastic job at reworking the entire site! Well done! Survey results, Blog page all added this last month.

o Directory - Kathy Fisher has done a great job to launch the directory in the next month. Password protected. Will also include a back page of businesses to better patronize our resident businesses. Annual and Quarterly minutes will also be included.

o Events - (Michael) Amazing job for the neighborhood! Catfish Tournament and Eggstravaganza were a huge success!! Ice Truck, Bounce house Face Painting, Relay Races. Well done from the whole committee.
o Garage Sale - coming up April 30th - coordinated with local neighborhoods surrounding us. RACC is going to have a food truck. ??
o Summer Social event - is in the works to host on a monthly basis.
o Welcome packages for new neighbors is being worked on!

8:10 PM - New Business
o Sprinkler repairs in front of neighborhood outside the complex - Bid is $3K to find and repair 30 sprinkler heads broken or buried. Very positive resident feelings.
o Fence - proposal of 13 families on border of Louetta submitted by Steven.
o Steven summarized a statement - to be included in minutes. 13 residents are seeking board to fully fund the perimeter fencing along Louetta Rd.
o Phil suggested we take on 2 issues:
" What is the minimum capital reserve we should maintain?
" What was the discussion when we decided on the Telge fence.
o Have road bumps been discussed- yes, we have and we have dismissed it as an option. Maintenance and aesthetics are a concern.
o Resident - proponent of speed bumps - she suggested even if we put in 2 sets of speed bumps it would greatly reduce neighborhood speed. Board agreed to research it.
o Resident - asking what electricity bill is - we have some lights out. Is there a way to change mercury vapor lights to an LED.

Tricia - brings up MUD bond coming up $100M - Early vote is April 25th. Vote is May 7th. Important to our area.

9:11 PM - Adjournment -ra Dennis Benott made motion to adjourn. Ross Walton seconded.

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Dec 14, 2021
RACC Annual Meeting held at Pool/Clubhouse
Meeting Called to order - 7pm
Quorum Established - 7:05pm
Board Members Present - Joe, Pat, Sherry, Ross
2020 Annual Minutes accepted - Rick Fischer makes a motion, Brandon Taylor 2nds the motion. Minutes accepted.
Accountant report: (Ross) - Budget Handouts made available to residents.
We are in a good cash position. Most important is our Capital Reserve Fund which we save for each fiscal year. The fence was fully funded by our Capital Reserve Fund.
" Budget - Dues will move to $1275. Ross reviewed the landscape and lake projects as primary reason for raising of dues to protect our Capital Reserves.
o Lake Update - Joe details current state of lake project work. Trenches are done, root barrier completed. A few trees around perimeter of lake are so close we can't get to them and are compromising our bulkhead and are marked for removal. A cost of $8K approx. included in the 2022 budget.
New Business:
Intro BIO from new candidates - Joe Hartley, Michael Hearn, Patricia Thibodeaux, Pat Schoeller
Vote Count - Ballots were counted by residents Brian Kelnar and Kathy Fisher and confirmed by board member Sherry Martin. The 2 board positions will be filled by:
" Joe Hartley and Michael Hearn
A meeting the 1st of the year between the board members will establish the specific roles and will be communicated to residents and our management company.
General Business:
" Gate access - clearing out older codes and updating the overall system
o Resident inquiring a wireless access instead of analog system.
o Mechanism of the gate is broken because of the weight of the gate and the accuators.
o Tony addressing the rise in dues is it to pad the reserve for future expenses.
" Electrical system - bringing it up to par and fix the issues we currently are experiencing.
" AT&T Fiber Optic in the neighborhood - Raj is asking if the board can inquire to AT&T on timeline to include RACC in the Fiber Optic plans.
" Directory - Kathy Fisher- establishing a shared directory that can be shared privately with residents. We would like to make one more email pass to reach out to residents about their desire to be included in the directory.
o Resident brought to the attention to highlight small business information so we can share services among our neighbors.
8:15pm - Dennis Belhote made a motion to adjourn and Ross Walton seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

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