August 2023 Project Updates

HOA Board 2022/2023

This is the eighth update of 2023.

Many apologies for this coming out so late. Here we go.

Landscaping – With all of the heat, our grass and plants are burning up. We have increased our watering
frequency, but even with that change, the oppressive heat is relentless on some of our vegetation. We
will continue to monitor this.

It seems that our armadillo problem has come back. Traps have been set to catch them and relocate
them. So far, little success, but we are continuing to try.

Gate – 99% of our gate issues have been resolved, but we are still having sporadic issues with the kiosk
call center. Some of our residents are not receiving calls via the call box. We will continue to work
towards resolving this. All sensors, transmitters and gate codes are working though.

Deed Restrictions – The five deed restriction groups (A-E) have assembled and in some cases have
already met and are beginning the revision process. We are very close to finalizing a law firm to review
our work and complete the process. The timeline that we have built into the revisions will likely take us
into January before the entire process is complete. We should have most, if not all, of the work done
and ready for presentation to our residents at the annual meeting in November. After that, we will
begin the process of securing the required number of votes from our residents to pass the changes and
proceed to registering our changes with the county via our legal representation.

*Reminder* - If you intend on running for one of our two available board positions in November, you
must have your resume and letter of intent presented to our secretary, Phil Alexander, by October 6th.

To communicate with the Board, do one of the following: 1) Send an Email to the member with the duty responsibility you are inquiring about, and he/she should reply within days. 2) Use the website blog to discuss issues and ask questions. 3) Email directly to the Board member with the duty responsibilities you have questions or comments about.

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