September 2023 Project Updates

September 2023 Updates
HOA Board 2022/2023

This is the ninth update of 2023. Here we go.

Landscaping – Our vegetation is burning up! With all of the heat, M.U.D. #5 has begun watering
restrictions for many communities, including The Reserve at Cypress Creek. We have complied with
their request by reducing our watering schedule to two days per week. We are also reducing the lake
filling maintenance. Keep your fingers crossed for rain soon!

While we are talking about M.U.D. #5, they have informed us that they are going to be installing a new
sidewalk at the front of our subdivision. The sidewalk will start at our entrance and extend north on
Telge Rd., making a junction with the sidewalk on Louetta Rd. It will only extend from the north side of
the entrance and will not include any grounds south of our entrance going towards our pumping station.
This will be a nice addition to the area and in the process, M.U.D. #5 will be removing three of our
lightning struck trees along Telge Rd. This will be a huge savings for us since we were planning on
removing those trees in next years budget. There is no cost to our community for the sidewalk, which
will be maintained by M.U.D. #5. Look for that project to be completed in October/November.

Deed Restrictions – The five deed restriction groups (A-E) have assembled and in some cases have
already met and are continuing the revision process. The board has selected the law firm of Roberts,
Markel, Weinberg, Butler & Hailey, PC., to represent us in making our revisions and official filing with the
county. This firm has a main office in Austin but also has a local office near the Galleria in Houston.
They came highly recommended by multiple independent sources and we are confident that this will be
a smooth process. The timeline that we made still holds and we expect to have most of our committee
revision work done in September and summarized in October. We still expect to have the entire process
approved by our community and officially filed with the county by the end of January, 2024.

*Reminder* - If you intend on running for one of our two available board positions in November, you
must have your resume and letter of intent presented to our secretary, Phil Alexander, by October 6th.

To communicate with the Board, do one of the following: 1) Send an Email to the member with the duty responsibility you are inquiring about, and he/she should reply within days. 2) Use the website blog to discuss issues and ask questions. 3) Email directly to the Board member with the duty responsibilities you have questions or comments about.

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