May Project Updates

This is the fourth project update of 2022. Here is what we are working on.

Termination of services with PMG -
Our contract with PMG has been terminated for non-performance, effective May 31, 2022. Until then, PMG will perform no services for our community other than transitioning back to our previous C.P.A., Jodi Dibala. In a nutshell, PMG was not fulfilling their obligation to handle operational billing, assessment collections, vendor relations, or any other service that they were contracted to perform. As of the last week of April, Ms. Dibala began reclaiming account balances, billing services and payment of operational expenses. We anticipate a much more efficient system of accounting and organization from this point forward

Gate system -
The new gate system vendor (Houston Security Gates) will start construction on May 2nd. (Delayed by a week for technical reasons). The gate will be open during construction for about 10 days. Existing remote gate openers will continue to work, however, if residents want to get a new opener, the cost will be $20/opener. Payment for new openers can be made by check or cash mailed to the community mailbox, TRACC, 15215 Springhill Bend Lane, Cypress, TX 77429. The board is still considering code change charges after May, 2022. For this month, no code change fees will be charged.


Landscaping -
Work will begin on Monday, May 2nd to repair the sprinklers at the front gate and along Telge Rd. This repair is to restore water supply to the grass and garden areas that we lost with the Telge Rd. expansion. Once we finish this project, we will turn our attention to the rest of the sprinkler system throughout the subdivision. We will analyze all zones, sprinkler heads and underground water supply lines to determine necessary repairs. More to come on this in the future.

Deed restrictions -
Since PMG is no longer performing this service for us, we are now looking to complete all deed restriction inquiries and violations through the board with the assistance of the ARC committee. Please give us a little time to formulate our plan to manage this. In the meantime, please forward any deed restriction inquiries or violations to our Yahoo email account.

To communicate with the Board, do one of the following:

  1. Send an Email to: The member with the duty responsibility you are inquiring about should reply within days.
  2. Use the website blog to discuss issues and ask questions.
  3. Email directly to the Board member with the duty responsibilities you have questions or comments about.
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