October 2023 Project Updates

October Project 2023
HOA Board 2022/2023

This is the tenth update of 2023. A little late but here we go.

Deed Restrictions – At least three of the deed restriction committees have convened and concluded
their recommendations for the changes to our covenant. We have had a conference call with our
attorney and within the next month we will submit our changes to him so that they can begin the
revision process. By all measurements, we are still within our timeline to complete the process
sometime in January.

Lake/Well – Our efforts to slow down the loss of water from the lake have only been partially successful.
With the drought during the summer, the lake needed constant re-filling. We are doing our best at
trying to be strategic about filling the lake based on monthly costs. We have studied the well meter
closely and it appears that we are using about 125,000 gallons of water for every 24 hours of operation.
This equates to just under $500/24 hour cycle. The recent rain has helped a bit and hopefully our
drought is over and we can replenish the lake with rainwater more often. The board will continue to
explore other possibilities in stemming the loss of water in the lake as this will continue to be an ongoing

MUD #5 sidewalk – The easement agreement for the sidewalk to be built on Telge Rd. between our
entrance and Louetta Rd. has been signed and notarized. Expect construction on that project to be
starting soon. Trees have already been marked for removal and we are confident that we will be
enjoying our new sidewalk before the end of the year.

Social Events/Website – Our first Bass Masters Fishing Tournament will be in the fall (date to be set
soon). Now that we have stocked the lake with bass, we are switching to that species instead of catfish.
But….we will also be giving a prize to anyone that catches a catfish from the lake. Come out for some
fun with the kids/grandkids.

In late October we will be launching version 2.0 of our community website. Look for new information
and upgrades to our site.

Upcoming public quarterly meeting – Please plan on attending the October 10th public meeting at 7 p.m.
at the pool house. We will be discussing progress on our deed revision process as well as other topical

To communicate with the Board, do one of the following: 1) Send an Email to the member with the duty responsibility you are inquiring about, and he/she should reply within days. 2) Use the website blog to discuss issues and ask questions. 3) Email directly to the Board member with the duty responsibilities you have questions or comments about.

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